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Our current Iowa listings are located in the yellow counties on the map. Hover to see the number of available properties, and click  to view the listings.

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You’ll notice the difference at Boley Real Estate right away. Our team spans generations of owners, brokers and agents, many born and raised right here in Iowa. We can and will make it easy for you to buy or sell property.

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If you are looking for land for sale in Iowa we have it! If you are looking to buy or sell residential properties, hunting properties, commercial properties or farms we are the team for you.

The history behind our brand

It may be a new look for us, but it comes with a long history!

Let’s begin with Ralph Boley, the hardest worker you can imagine. Ralph spent most of his life pursuing his passion for farming and raising cattle. He knew the land like no other and was honest, respected and extremely knowledgeable.

The Rocking B was a branding iron that Ralph Boley had registered with the State of Iowa Secretary of Agriculture in 1967 for his cattle farm in rural Birmingham, IA.

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