By Jason Hull

As a Professional Land Surveyor in Iowa I have the opportunity to interact with a wide range of clients. The spectrum includes the buyers and the sellers of property, realtors, farmers, developers, builders, families doing estate planning, and attorneys. These clients have varying reasons as to why they need a survey.

There are times when a property survey may be a necessity or when it may be required. A lender may require a survey to protect their interest in a property or to verify there are no encroachments or encumbrances on the property. A municipality may require a survey before improvements are made to a property such as building a privacy fence or building an addition on to an existing home. If a property lies within a flood plain a survey may be required to determine the elevation of your house for insurance purposes, or if you are dividing land into a single parcel or multiple parcels a survey may be required.

Other times it may simply be in your best interest to have a survey performed. Reasons for this could include; before either purchasing property or selling property, before making improvements to property, to settle a dispute between neighbors, to verify that what you think are the property boundaries are actually the boundaries, and to verify that the land described in your deed is in fact the same size, shape and location of the area you are occupying and possessing as your property.

The benefits of having a property survey are many. One of the benefits would be to have physical markers at each of your property corners to verify your boundaries. Another reason could be to verify the deed lines when compared to the possession lines. It is also beneficial when creating new parcels and the boundary descriptions of those parcels. When doing any property improvements it is important to know your boundaries and a survey can provide this verification. The final benefit is simply having the peace of mind of knowing where your property lines and markers are located.

For more information about surveyors surveying in Iowa please visit the Society of Land Surveyors of Iowa at or the National Society of Professional Surveyors at

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Jason is an agent with Mossy Oak Properties as well as the Director of Land Surveying with French Reneker, he has over 13 years experience providing surveys in Southeast Iowa.