Tis the season that no one looks forward to…….tick season. As the weather warms the ticks start to become active in Iowa. Ticks are usually active March through early November with their prime active months being
April through July. So now is the time to be checking the pets, kids and yourself for ticks when you come indoors. Here are a few tips to both avoid ticks as well as how to remove them safely if found attached.


  1. Make sure you are wearing clothing that covers exposed skin when venturing into woods, fields, tall grasses or other tick habitats. This includes long sleeve shirts, long pants, socks and tennis shoes. You can even tuck your pants into your socks for extra protection.
  2. Use bug repellent that contains DEET, looks for those specifically designed to repel ticks and are EPA approved.
  3. Wearing lighter colored clothing can make identifying a hitchhiker easer than if you are wearing black or dark clothing.

Make sure you are checking for ticks each time you are out and about in areas where ticks are prevalent. It is important to do a regular check once a day on yourself and others around the head and neck area.


  1. One home remedy strategy that is circulating the web is to use a “glob” of liquid soap on a cotton ball. Swab the tick for 15-20 seconds and the tick will come out on its own.
  2. The CDC recommends that you remove a tick by using tweezers to grasp the ticks mouthparts where they enter the skin. Pull steadily directly away from your skin. Clean the wound and disinfect the site of the bite.

Tick bites can lead to Lyme disease if attached for more than 36 hours. If you are concerned a tick may have been attached for this amount of time it is important to contact your Physician. Some signs or symptoms of Lyme disease include; fever, joint pain, rash or inflammation at the bite site. Symptoms may not be present for 3 to 30 days after the tick has been removed.


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