Planting season is in full swing right now in rural Iowa. This means more farm machinery on the roadways. It is important to use caution when driving and approaching any kind of farm equipment. Here are a few tips to help you stay safe.



  • Drive Defensively. Know that you are traveling in an agricultural environment where you are likely to encounter these types of vehicles this time of year.
  • Use patience. It may appear that the equipment driver is pulling to the right to let you pass when they may actually making a wide left-hand turn. Before passing, observe the area for any driveways, roads or fields where the vehicle might be entering. Be sure to look closely for lights signaling the driver’s intention to turn (or hand gestures). Pass carefully.
  • Take precautions: Always wait for a safe passing area, keep an eye out for oncoming traffic, always signal and return to the lane once the farm equipment is in your rearview mirror.
  • Yield. Give large farm vehicles the right-of-way when it’s traveling the opposite direction. Farm vehicles can’t always pull over to the shoulder safely. If possible, pull onto the shoulder or into a turn-out to allow the farm vehicle to pass.
  • Follow the basics. Following the speed limit and wearing your safety belt is just as important in the country as it is on city streets.
  • Proceed Slowly. Farm vehicles are usually traveling at slower speeds. To avoid a collision, begin braking when you see the slow-moving vehicle emblem. Also stay back about 50 ft from the farm vehicle.
  • Always look twice. Before you pull into an intersection or pass, be sure the path is clear in every direction. Tall crops, ditch weeds and other obstructions can create ‘blind’ corners, and farm vehicles may enter the road from unmarked access drives on fields.

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