Have you recently bought a new home or sold your home and have a move in your future? Here are five items and tips for making your move easy!

Clear Storage Containers

Pack things that you are going to need right away in clear storage containers. You will be able to easily
identify the boxes you need to get to quickly AND you can tell what is inside just by looking through the box!


Use clean socks to pack glasses, stemware and other breakables. This will keep the items from hitting each other and accidentally breaking. It will also save money on packing materials and gives you a two-for-one when packing socks and breakables together. There is no need for an extra box for the socks.

Garbage Bags

Use garbage bags to pack hanging clothes. Leave them on the hanger and slip a garbage bag over them starting from the bottom, leaving the hangers exposed. This saves you a lot of time because you don’t have to take clothes off and put them back on hangers during a move. Just cover them and move from one closet to the next.

Vacuum Seal

Anything you can vacuum seal into bags to save space- do it! Think bedding, out of season clothes, extra kids clothes, and towels. Purchase a few of the space saver bags and vacuum seal them for the move.

Colored Tape

When labeling boxes use color coded tape on the boxes. This will make it easy for a moving service or friends and family who are helping with the move to know exactly where things should go in the new home. Place the red labeled tape on the box for the master bathroom and then place another red labeled tape on the mater bathroom door. Even the kids can help unload the boxes and get them to the correct room for unpacking.

BONUS: Babysitter

Speaking of kids, if you are moving within the same community or close by its a good idea to hire a babysitter for the kids on moving day. This will make things go a lot smoother, you won’t have to worry about them getting in the way, getting injured or needing your attention. You can focus on the move and getting it done efficiently.

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