As harvest season is upon us this means long days for farmers in their fields when the weather is optimal. For all of us, this season is a time to slow down on the road. Take it a little slower on your morning and evening commutes and be cautious of farm equipment on our roadways. These farmers are doing an important job! We wanted to provide a few tips for using the roadways safe during harvest season:

  • Slow down immediately when you see farm equipment ahead of you on the road. Farm equipment isn’t very fast. If you are driving 55 mph, you are covering around 80 feet per second; it won’t take very long to be right on top of a slow-moving vehicle.
  • Be patient and wait to safely pass farm equipment. Unsafe passing is one of the primary factors of a lot of motor vehicle accidents in the fall.
  • Also, be careful when approaching on-coming farm equipment. Oncoming vehicles might not be as patient as you are and pull out suddenly to pass the farm equipment—right into your path.
  • Farm equipment often has to make wide turns, so be aware of that and help out by being patient and giving them room to turn.
  • Farm equipment can be fairly wide, you may still have to edge out on the other side of the road, further than normal; even though farmers are very good at getting over as far as they safely can to let you by. Road shoulders can be notoriously tricky.
  • Harvest also seems to amplify deer movement both day and night. Watch your speed and scan your surroundings for them as you drive. Like anything else, situational awareness will help reduce risk.

I hope that you have found these tips helpful, take time, slow down and enjoy the beauty of the changing season! And, while you are at it, thank a farmer! If you are a farmer, we thank you for all that you do!

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