4 Great Gift Ideas and 10 Fun Things To Do!

Sunday, June 16th is Fathers’ Day!  Don’t forget to tell and show your Dad how important he is to you. We have compiled a list of some of the best gift ideas as well as some fun things you can do if you get the opportunity to spend the day with your Dad.

4 Great Gift Ideas:

1. Tech Gadgets.

DroneIf your dad is into technology here are a few
tech gadgets that he might enjoy this father’s day: Amazon Echo– ask Alexa about the weather, have her play music or get directions to your favorite restaurant. She can do it all! A video recording drone– these are a lot of fun for dads of all ages. He can fly the drone to take photos of the field, the property or just fly it around the neighborhood. Charging Cube– these come in all shapes and sizes but can be handy for dad to have in the vehicle, tractor or his work bag for trips where he may need to charge his tablet or phone on the go! Tile– the hot new gadget for finding anything. Attach the tile to the item(s) you lose most often; keys, remote, or wallet, download the app on your phone and you will never lose those items again.

2. Outdoor Supplies.

If your dad is into nature, camping, hunting, or fishing consider gifts that he can use for these activities. Things might include; a hammock, a kayak, a utility knife, fishing gear or a hunting/fishing license.

3. Online Subscriptions.

Birchbox subscription box for Father's DayThese are becoming more and more popular for any man. You can get an online subscription for about anything these days from clothing, to shaving gear, to wine and even underwear. Some of our favorites are; Birchbox, Stitchfix for Men, Trunk Club, Bombfell, Dollar Shave Club, Tasting Room, MeUndies, and Bespoke. Check them out for the gift that keeps on giving!

4. Sports Equipment.

For the dad who is a sports enthusiast some equipment is always a good choice for father’s day. A few items could include; Golf Club(s) or the Tempo Trainer to help with his golf swing, running shoes, headphones, or a Fitbit (or other similar exercise tracking device).

Whatever gift you decide for your dad make sure it comes from the heart, that you think about his interests and you remind him how much you appreciate all he has done for you in your life.

10 Fun This To Do on Father’s Day

  1. Father fishing with his sonsGo fishing
  2. Play golf or putt putt
  3. Go to a ballgame
  4. Go bowling
  5. Visit a Historic site
  6. Go on a bike ride
  7. Build something together
  8. Take a hike
  9. Have a movie night
  10. Go swimming

Make sure to take time this year for your dad, whatever activity or gift you choose, just enjoy the time together.

Happy Father's Day from Mossy Oak Properties Boley Real Estate

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