Iowa’s dove hunting season opens this Friday, September 1st. Dove hunting is a great way to start off the hunting season for both avid and young hunters. Below is some information about when, where and how to hunt doves if you are interested in learning more.



What is dove hunting?

Dove hunting provides an opportunity for hunters of any age or experience level to participate due to an abundance of birds, simple equipment needs and moderate physical activity. Doves are a migratory bird and can be found in all 99 counties with highest populations in the Loess Hills and southern three tiers of Iowa counties. They prefer open habitats such as farmland, prairies, grasslands and lightly wooded areas.

When should I hunt?

Most time hunting takes place in early morning, but thats not the only time when doves fly. You can also try hunting in the evening, head out a few hours before sunset because by sundown they are usually done flying.



Where should I hunt?

According to the DNR website you should look for grazed pastures with a pond, feedlots, or harvested crop fields, seed corn or small grain fields, basically any area with abundant bare ground.The Iowa DNR has a listing of state-managed public wildlife areas with food plots for doves at Each area is linked to downloadable factsheets that include a map, any special regulations, and the local DNR contact name and phone number.

Dove Hunting Information:

Season Dates: September 1st through November 29th

Hours for shooting: One-half hour before sunrise to sunset

Shot Type: Lead shot (except in designated nontoxic shot locations)

Limits: Daily limit of 15, possession limit of 45.

License/Fees: Small game license and habitat fee. Hunters also need to register with HIP. Migratory game bird fee not required. information on registration and fees can be found on the Iowa DNR website here.

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Thank you to the Iowa DNR for their valuable information on hunting in Iowa.