The rut is officially upon us, which means the Iowa Archery season is well under way. Whether you are an archery hunter or prefer the gun seasons, this is the time of year you’ve been waiting all year for. Here is some helpful information for you to remember about Iowa’s deer season!



How many different seasons are there?

In Iowa there are 8 different seasons starting in Mid-September and running through January 10th. You can see the details of all seasons in the chart below:

2017-18 Deer Seasons
Youth Sept 16 – Oct 1
Sept 16 – Oct 1
Bow Oct 1 – Dec 1
Dec 18 – Jan 10
Oct 14 – 22
Late Muzzleloader Dec 18 – Jan 10
Shotgun 1 Dec 2 – 6
Shotgun 2 Dec 9 – 17
Nonresident Holiday
Dec 24 – Jan 2

According to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, like other states in the Midwest, Iowa produces some of the most outstanding white-tailed deer in the country. Abundant food and mild winter weather make it possible for Iowa’s whitetails to become large in body weight and, if allowed to grow to maturity, often possess impressive antlers.



Where can I register my trophy buck in Iowa?

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) maintains a record book of the largest antlered deer harvested in the state with either a bow or firearm. Those who successfully harvest a deer in Iowa with trophy-sized antlers are encouraged to enter the rack in Iowa’s big game registry. Award certificates will be issued by the DNR to eligible entries that meet minimum standards

The scoring system used for Iowa records is identical to that used by the Boone and Crockett and Pope and Young Clubs, but the minimum qualifying scores differ from these national clubs. Iowa award certificates will be presented in ten classes. The classes with minimum scores for each are as follows:

Typical Non-Typical
Shotgun Kill 150 170
Muzzleloader Kill 150 170
Archery Kill 135 155
Handgun Kill 150 170
Crossbow Kill 135 155

For more details on entering and scoring your deer you may visit the Iowa DNR website here.

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