The Do’s and Don’ts of Curb Appeal From My Perspective. Written By: Mossy Oak Properties Boley Real Estate Agent Penny Sharp


#1. Reality Check

The first thing that I recommend doing is checking out your own property, as if you were seeing it for the first time. That’s right, get in your car, drive around the block, pull up in front of your own home, notebook and pen in hand, and critique it! Does it have that “wow” factor? Would you consider looking at this house if it were on the market? Be brutally honest!

#2. Remove the Negative

Start with your assessment and take care of the negatives first. Rid the yard and porch of all junk and debris. Mow the yard. You want to start with a “clean slate”. Power wash the house, or get a ladder and a bucket of soapy water, (car washing detergent works well), take a rag and start scrubbing board by board by board….(you get the picture, it is easier to powerwash). Wash the windows and front door. Clean light fixtures, mailbox and even the house numbers. (replace if need be.)



#3. Paint

A fresh coat of a neutral color paint does wonders! Pick colors for the front door, floor and ceiling of the porch (if your house has a porch) that compliment the house color and even work well with the color of the garage. Remember if you have a front porch it should always be the biggest focal point.

#4 . Accessorize

If needed add new porch furniture in white or another basic color. This makes it easier to change your whole look from year to year by simply switching out pillows, rugs, and flowers ( and flower pots). Do not be afraid to add bright colors in your accessories and plants to draw the eye in and make the porch “pop”!



#5 . Plants

Plant a mixture of annual and perennial flowers in a color scheme that blends in with the porch accessories. Keep fresh mulch in neatly trimmed flower beds.


#1. ReUse

Do not be tempted to drag the comfy couch or recliner out to the porch just because you have bought new furniture for your living room. Also LAWN furniture, such as folding chairs, picnic tables, or swings with umbrellas over the top are meant for the YARD not the covered front porch of your house. This is never a good look.

#2. Holiday Decor

Go easy on the holiday decorations. Hundreds of inflatable Halloween decorations dancing in the wind may be fun for the kids but if you are hoping to add curb appeal less is more.



#3. BIG Plants

Never plant very tall or large plants and bushes in an area that will obstruct the walkway or the view of your beautiful home.

#4. Lots of Pots

Flowers look best planted in the ground in flower beds. Resist the urge to set an overabundance of mismatched flower pots in flower beds.

#5. Trash Collector

Do not be tempted to throw boxes, trash, and toys out on the front porch until you can move them later. This is how the “don’ts” begin…..

Penny Sharp is a real estate agent with Mossy Oak Properties serving the Appanoose County area. Penny and her husband Rick recently won the Curb Appeal Contest in Centerville so she knows her stuff! If you are interested in listing your home she is excited to help you make your curb look sales ready! You can contact Penny at (641) 895-2789 or via email

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