Are you planning to sell your home? Need to have an open house? If you are preparing your home for an open house you want to make sure you check out these 5 tips!

Eliminate strong lingering smells

If there were pets in the home have it professionally cleaned and make sure the animals are out. Light candles or purchase some lightly scented plug ins to help the house smell inviting.

Bring nature inside with potted plants or flowers in a vase

Visit the local florist to put together a couple of nice bouquets you can place on tables in the home and have a few plants strategically placed around the home to enhance the beauty.

Let in the natural light and illuminate dim corners with lamps

You want to let in as much light to the home as possible, open all window shades, blinds and doors to naturally light up the house. If there are dark areas of the home purchase an inexpensive lamp to help brighten the area.

Bake something yummy (or use a candle)

People feel more welcomed when the home smells of baking. Baking is a comforting smell and people will remember how that made them feel.

Create vignettes to make your house look lived in

Add some books to a bookshelf, some magazines to the coffee table. Have a few items placed in the kitchen so that it does not look bare. It is important for the potential buyers to get a feel for what it is like to live in the home.

A Mossy Oak Properties Boley Real Estate Agent would be happy to make these tips become a reality and prepare your home for the best open house possible. These are just a few great tips to help you have a successful open house and hopefully all of your hard work will lead to a sale at the end of the day!

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