In January it seems as though we all resolve to eat better, lose weight, read more, or other lifestyle changes that we tend to abandon by February. Today we want to share 5 easy resolutions for your home that are quick and simple.

Resolution #1: Use less energy.

Install a new programable thermostat. Much of your energy costs will be spent heating and cooling your home. Put a dent in that bill with a thermostat that’ll keep your house comfortable when you’re home to enjoy it, and saves energy when you’re not. You’ll spend less than $100 for a basic model, and can save as much as $180 per year.

While you are at it…. use the new year to change your furnace filter. Your furnace will run much more efficiently and will cost you less than $20 for a new one. Bonus Tip- Buy two so you have one on hand to change again in 2 months.

Resolution #2: Decrease your chances of a home fire.

Schedule a chimney inspection if you have one. Creosote, birds’ nests, and other debris can clog your chimney, causing a home fire risk, but an inspection will sweep those problems away. A level-one inspection, in which the inspector will look for damage and remove obstructions, could cost anywhere from $79 to $200.

Other things you can to do decrease your chances of a fire include; changing your furnace filter- see above, keeping your dryer lint trap cleared & cleaned, and having an electrician double check the wiring in your home to ensure it’s safe.

Resolution #3: Increase your home security.

Install outdoor motion sensor lights. These lights, which plug into ordinary wall outlets, provide a security boost by illuminating your home’s exterior when anything moves outside. They take minutes to install and cost anywhere from $13 to $105.

You can also get reasonably priced home security cameras that you can access from the internet and can notify you when there is movement in the range of the camera. These are priced anywhere from $50 to $200

Resolution #4: Make the most of your storage space.

Pitch everything you haven’t used in a year. The first step in gaining storage space is decluttering. Grab a trash can for trash and a box for donations and start getting rid of anything you don’t use regularly.

HouseLogic has ideas that you can use for how to responsibly get rid of hazardous materials, old technology, kids’ stuff, books, and more Bonus: It won’t cost you a penny.

Resolution #5: Prepare your family in case of a disaster.

Make an evacuation and communication plan.

If disaster strikes, you’ll be ready: Document your escape routes, designate a meeting place in case family members are scattered, and assign a “communication commander” who will relay messages between loved ones. Make sure you not only think about fire, but also tornado, hurricane or other natural disasters that may strike in your area. Don’t forget to include your pets!

Do you have any New Year’s resolutions for your home?

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*Some information in this article provided compliments of HouseLogic